Skydiving School and Dropzone  -  Hot Springs Airport, Hot Springs South Dakota
Frequently Asked Questions:

Q) What is the cost?

A) First Tandem Jumps $250. Tandem with Video $330

Q) How do we schedule a Jump?

A) Contact us and let us know when you would like to go.  We will then try to put together a schedule.  E-mail or text works the best as we also have real jobs and can't answer the phone sometimes.    

Q) How do I guarantee my appointment?

A) After confirming availability, send us a non-refundable deposit of $50.00 using the tab on the tandem page.  This will secure your slot.  We schedule people in the order we receive their deposits.  You can go at the last minute, but we can book-up quickly.

Q) How do deposits work?

A) Class sizes are limited.  To ensure that you will have a place in a class, we take a $50 non-refundable deposit.  The $50 is applied toward your skydive.  While we welcome walk-ins, they will be accepted on a space available basis, after those with deposits.  If we get un-jumpable weather, you do not lose your deposit, you may reschedule. No-shows, or cancellations due to non weather related reasons, will lose their deposit.  Deposits are not refundable for any reason.  Deposits may made using the payment tab on the tandem page.

Q) What happens if the weather is bad?

A) We will reschedule your jump.  Many times, we will just wait for the weather to improve.  If you have an appointment and do not wish to take a chance on the weather improving, you may call to reschedule.

Q) What type of payments do you accept?

A) We accept cash or personal checks.  You can also pay using PayPal or your Credit Card.  Just click on the payment buttons to start your transaction.

Q) What is the weight limit for skydiving?

A) The weight limit is 190 pounds. 

Q) What should I wear?

A) Please dress for the weather, and wear something that you won’t mind getting a little dirty.  Loose fitting pants and a tee-shirt with no collar works great.  Please wear tennis shoes with no hooks for laces.

Q) What should I bring with me?   

A) Bring yourself and be sober. Drugs and alcohol are not allowed on the drop zone.

Q) Do you have food available?

A) We don’t have food on the DZ.  There are convenience stores within a mile or so.  The main airport office is closed on the weekends.  Feel free to bring a cooler and folding chairs.

Q) Can my friends and family come to watch?

A) Sure!  Have them bring a camera.  They will be able to see you land.  Please note that the airport is a dangerous place, and we do restrict movement in the area.

Q) Can I give skydiving as a gift?

A) We do offer gift certificates.  It’s important that you bring the gift certificate with you when you intend to jump. 

Q) Do I need an appointment?

A) Almost all training is by appointment.  Walk-ins are always welcome, but will be taken on a space available basis. 

Q) How much training is involved?

A) Tandem jump training is approximately 45 minutes.  

Q) How long will I be at the airport? 

A) How long is dependent on the weather and the size of the class. For tandem students, plan on being at the airport for a half a day.  

Q) I have some friends who want to jump.  Do you offer any discounts?

A) Talk to us about discounts.  We have several options. 

Q) Do I have to make a tandem for my first jump?  I would rather go by myself.

A) Yes.  Currently tandem is the only first jump we are offering.  Following your tandem, we can discuss solo jump training.  Please understand we reserve the right to not let you jump.  This is serious business, and we will not let you jump if you are experiencing problems with the class material. 

Q)  How often are first jump classes held?

A) We are usually open only 3 days a month, on weekends only.   We usually don't just open-up, and stay at the airport all day.  You really need to make an appointment to ensure your slot.

Q) Can we get free-fall video and stills?

A) Yes.  We offer hand-cam video and stills for $80.