Skydiving School and Dropzone  -  Hot Springs Airport, Hot Springs South Dakota
What does the training involve?

The static line course will take approximately six hours to complete.  The course consists of lecture, and practical instruction.  You will make your first static line jump on the same day, weather permitting, from the Skydive Hot Springs' Cessna 182.  Once under canopy, an instructor will help you steer and land using a ground-to-air radio.

How many Jumps do I need to make, before I can Free-Fall?

You will need to make a Minimum of five jumps before your first solo Free-Fall.

These jumps emphasize body position, practice ripcord pulls and canopy 
control.  They are designed to prepare you for your first free-fall.

Three of these jumps must include a successful Practice Ripcord Pull. (PRCP)  

You must make your last PRCP on the same day as your first Solo Free Fall.

How much does it cost?

The first Jump Course is $240

Each additional Static Line Jump is $60 each

How do I sign up?

We will be doing a limited number of Static Line classes in 2018, please contact us for registration.  You can e-mail us, or call Colin 605-209-0917 to schedule your jump.  

Note:  In order to secure your slot, we require an $50.00 non-refundable deposit. Talk to us about Group Discounts!


What is a static line jump?

Static Line jumps are made with the aid of a line attached from the aircraft to the jumpers parachute.  As the Jumper drops away from the aircraft, the static line opens the jumper's pack and extracts the main parachute.  Static line jumps are made from a minimum altitude of 3000 feet.

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